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Hi, I'm Rachel . . .

I’ve enjoyed taking photographs for as long as I can remember and started with a very simple point and shoot camera when I was still in my single digits.  In 2011 what once was a hobby that I thoroughly enjoyed became more of a passion when a friend invited me to explore an abandoned hotel and health spa.  My fear of getting arrested was quickly outweighed by the excitement of exploring sights that had been untouched or unseen by others in quite some time. Over the years, exploring abandoned spaces has given me the opportunity to go behind closed doors and walk through spaces that have largely been forgotten.  I am privileged to see the insides of resorts, hospitals, factories and other structures where the only source of light is what streams in through the windows, and the only source of humanity is what you can conjure up in your mind based on the random assortment of artifacts left behind.  I am particularly fascinated by the stories- who used to live or work in these spaces?  What were their lives like?  Where did they go when this building closed its doors forever?  Why was so much left behind?  

I am also fascinated by the slow, but powerful way that nature begins to reclaim spaces that are devoid of human interference.  Buildings created with huge investments of money, time, and physical labor are no match for the unyielding force of a tree growing up through the concrete, vines entering the windows, and moss extending itself across the floors and up the walls.  I am a firm believer that there is beauty in just about every aspect of life and that you can find it around every corner if you are willing to open your eyes to it.

In addition to photographing abandoned spaces, I am a hiker, rock climber, kayaker, traveler, aunt, and friend.  My camera is with me at all times, which means I have the opportunity to find beauty in both the hidden places and some more conventional places as well. I feel incredibly fortunate in life and consider it a privilege to get to live so many adventures and see so many places.  I have a lot of joy in sharing these experiences with others through my photography and it is my hope that some of my photography can help others see beauty in places they never expected.  



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